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 Vietnam Rubber Exports Down in First 7 Months

August 09, 2007

Vietnam exported 344,000 tons of rubber worth 659 million US dollars in the first seven months of this year, year-on-year decrease of 3,2 percent and 0,3 percent, respectively, according to the Vietnam Rubber Association on Thursday.

Vietnam, the world s 4th biggest natural rubber exporter, is expected to sell overseas, mostly to China, South Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States, 830,000 tons of rubber totaling nearly 1.4 billion dollars in 2007, up 19.1 percent and 8 percent over 2006.

The country is predicted to reap 233.2 million dollars from shipping rubber to the European Union in 2007, up from nearly 155. 5 million dollars in 2006, some 125 million dollars in 2005, and nearly 83.6 million dollars in 2004. It earned more than 770 million dollars from exporting the product to China last year.

Vietnam plans to increase its rubber acreage to 700,000 hectares by 2010 from 500,000 hectares in 2005, and build more rubber processing plants in the coming years.

Source: Chinese Xinhua